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Technical tips

The photographs on this site can be used for a variety of purposes, many requiring the photographs to be converted into different formats. The tips below should give you an idea of what is required. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have special needs or if you require any help at all.

Remember that your promotional material is often the fist contact that potential clients have, therefore quality graphic design is of the highest importance. These tips will help you prepare your promotional material for your printer or Signwriter The fist thing I would advise is, if you can fit it in your budget use a reputable Graphic Designer.

Preparing files for your printer

Contact your printer first and ask how he wants the files prepared. I would recommend that files be prepared using one of the leading graphics programs such as: Corel Draw®, Adobe Illustrator® or Adobe In Design®. My personal preference is Corel Draw®, you can pick an earlier version on the internet at a very reasonable price. You will need to convert the photographs to CMYK and depending on your printers requirements convert or export your file as an adobe PDF, make sure that you embed the fonts and have the photographs resized to between 300dpi and 150dpi, again check with your printer first.

If you are printing in house to a laser or inkjet printer leave the photographs as RGB. If you are going to print any quantity at all I would suggest that you get a quote from your printer first, you will be surprised at how economical it can be compared to your laser or inkjet printer.

Preparing files for your Signwriter

These days most Signwriters use large format digital printers. Again contact your Signwriter to find out what his requirements are. Normally you will need to send a PDF file. Leave the photographs as RGB. Normally the photographs will need to be a minimum of 75dpi at full size. Unless you have experience in resizing photographs I would suggest that you send the original files and do a mock up in Microsoft Word® to convey your needs. We also run a Signwriting and Design business, you will find further information at Signs Plus artwork submission page.

Dealing with Graphic Designers

Often you will get the best out of your Graphic Designer by giving them as much freedom as possible. You need to convey to them clearly who your potential clients are, the nature of your business and most importantly the outcomes you expect.

Cropping and DPI for printing

All photographs are high resolution so if used in brochures, post cards etc you can crop the image, selecting only a small portion. The general rule is that the DPI of an image at full size ready for printing should be at least 1.5 times the LPI (screen ruling) with which it will print. Again check with your printer, 200dpi would suit most situations and 300dpi for high quality glossy prints.