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> The information supplied by below is for information only. You should not rely upon it to answer any specific questions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct model or property releases for the applicable licence use of any images on this site and that you comply with relevant local laws. Please seek legal advice before relying on information contained in this web site.

Do you supply model or property releases ?

> Fees have been paid for Parks Victoria photography licence, NSW Dept. of Environment & Conservation photography pass and for Kangaroo island Park Photo Permit. Model releases are available for all photographs of recognisable people and we have signed property releases for most images of private property on this site. Please contact us about a release for a specific image. Images in the news and events section may not have releases as they are for editorial use only.

How do I download the photograph after I purchase it?

> After you complete the checkout process you will receive a link so you can download the photograph.

What resolution are the photographs?

> Most of the photographs are approximately 170mm x 260mm or 190mm x 290mm at 300dpi.

What colour space are the photographs in?

> Most photographs are in Adobe® RGB (1998), and in .JPG format.

Can I download different formats like TIF, PSD or a CMYK file ?

> You can only download stock photos in JPG format but as most of the photographs have been processed from RAW we are happy to supply the photographs in a different format, just email us with your specifications.

Do you supply photographs resized for web use ?

> You can only download stock photos as full size JPGs which you can resize to suit the web. I would recommend using Photoshop's® "Save for the Web" function. If you have any problems we are happy to supply any photograph in a custom size, just email us your requirements.